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since this Page is still a work in progress.... ;)

Please do NOT fall for any of the many scams out there !
  • You have to understand, that the WoW-'unlocker/bot'-dev-community is a very ugly one, filled with greedy and envy scammers. They will come up every 2 weeks with yet another 'new' shitunlocker, under a new name, that will only get you banned after you payed.
  • Like there is already a forum post about on ownedcore, some not- so-smart-guy claiming they 'bought MM and got banned instantly'. Except, we don't have anything someone can buy in the first place yet, but if we did, we would have made sure to steal all his beer from his fridge, while we cleaned out his bank accounts and taking his underwear!
  • So this badmouthing and the false claims is a thing in that old community....
  • We do NOT have anything released yet, there is no 'secret beta' or whatever.
  • We do NOT have a telegram channel
  • We do NOT have a discord channel
  • Do NOT click or even buy (lol) anything some random dude PMs you on any messenger
  • This is the only official website and the RocketChat above the only official place of us!

We'll try to change that hateful environment soon :)